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  • Perfect for anyone who is confused about their career path, wanting to start a new business, or in business and wanting to fulfill their purpose by helping as many people as they can  
  • Get inspiration so that you feel much more hope about the future
  • Get concrete and creative ideas you can implement immediately in your career or business
  • Get instant access to an electronic copy of Cornelia’s book Go Forward Fearlessly!  so you can more easily and more quickly navigate career transitions!   (Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the next page to download – after you complete the form)
  • Get instant access to the life purpose formula and receive a blueprint that brings all the pieces together so you get clear about the career path that’s in alignment with your values (Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the next page to download after completing the form)


“I felt this spark ignite – I never knew things could be so much more….”


"I was struggling with finding my life purpose and a career that I was passionate about. I was feeling defeated, depressed, and anxious. It was costing me time with my family, my health, and enjoying things in my life. I tried to make up for the lack of passion by making more money. It wasn’t working.

Just opening up to different opportunities and possibilities while working with Cornelia really led me to where I am going now. I was able to work towards something I could really be passionate about. I am on my way to exactly where I want to be."

- Heather Call, Marketing Manager               

“I ended up finding a job I love!”


 "I was really unhappy in my job. I wasn’t sure how to navigate through the process of finding the right fit for me and I felt a lot of anxiety. When the ground is really shifting underneath it’s scary. Things really started to happen within just two to three weeks after starting to work with Cornelia. After my first session I felt a deep sense of calm. I felt like I had the support I needed.  

 I’ve worked with other people who are job counselors and they’re all about interviewing, writing a resume, looking at job ads.  Cornelia brings it more into the spiritual part of the person and their own view of themselves. I think that’s the key. I really landed in the right place."

- Claire Smith, Marketing Assistant,

“Extraordinarily instrumental to bring me to where I am today”


"I didn’t know how to pull together all the variables in starting and creating my business. The paralysis was costing me time in moving forward and feeling that I had a legitimate business. My confidence level now  – it’s a whole other ball game!  It’s about knowing that I have been able to do it myself.

I have attracted like-minded people – confident women wanting to purchase my product – from across the country and internationally. I don’t think I would be here today if Cornelia  had not helped me to set up the foundational structure to build on."

- Jen Black Alosa, Chief Designer Jen Black Designs

 “In less than a year I had started my business!”


 "Leaving my job was a big step.  I had been going against my inner calling and was frustrated with myself for not taking action. Fear was the biggest thing – fear of taking that step, the uncertainty of it, just not knowing. I really wanted to move forward  - I felt that very deeply within me.

Once I got Cornelia’s clarity and sound advice, it all fell into place. I was inspired to make the choice to leave my job, to take action.  She gave me information and then let me absorb and process it rather than telling me I needed to do this or do that. This allowed me to make my own choice – that was big."

- Dominic Dattilio, Psychic Medium

 “Now I love what I do!”


 "I was sabotaging myself around getting clients because I was afraid to handle the money. It was keeping me from bringing in the money I wanted to make in my business and from helping the people I wanted to help.  I was so frustrated with myself.  That doesn’t stop me anymore.

I went from making excuses to ‘Oh, it feels so good to work!’  I saw results immediately upon working with Cornelia. Right away I was able to walk through the feelings that I had and that just really opened me up so I could finally move forward."

- Esther Palmer, Healing Facilitator

 “I got a confidence boost and started to branch out”


 "I didn’t know what direction to walk in.  I didn’t have that creative flow and I had a lot of self-defeating thoughts.  I would do research and then stop myself. And I wasn’t sure about the financial piece.

After studying with Cornelia, I felt more confident about approaching the public and offering my services.  It allowed a certain opening where I could connect more to the intuitive creative flow of ideas.  Now I am giving readings and the feedback I’ve been getting has been really positive."

- Sasha Morrissette, Certified Oracle Card Reader & Reiki     Practitioner

 “I’m very happy in my new job!”


 "The biggest piece for me was understanding who I was and clarifying that.  I had been looking for ways to embrace career and not leave part of me at home -  I had been playing with that for the longest time.

While studying with Cornelia, I sent out my resume and cover letter on a Sunday night.  I had an interview by Tuesday and a job offer by Friday.  I was paying attention to my intuition and what felt right and I wasn’t trying to be something I wasn’t.  I wasn’t trying to meet somebody else’s agenda of what I should or shouldn’t be.  Now I realize that I can have a successful career and have my beliefs and be whole."

- Tricia Senzel, Firm Administrator

 “Cornelia’s program was my anchor!”


 "I had been knocked off balance -  I was losing sleep and I had gained weight. I was really in a dark night of the soul, a real struggle.

I saw results right away – working with Cornelia was the beginning of my turn-around.  I felt loved and encouraged and supported.  I became much more positive in my thinking and rebuilding a sense of myself as a spiritual person.  I’m opening up my practice less than a year later.  I feel really excited about where I’m moving forward to in my life and in my work."

- Pam Goodrich, Past Life Regression Practitioner -    Hypnotherapist – Life Coach





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